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Hi I'm Taryn.


I'm here to prove to women that they can renovate. Regardless of the project, big or small, with the right tools, and a quick lesson, anyone can do it, if they want to! I'm a marketer by day, but my true love and passion is home renovations and design. I started in Home Improvement 8 years ago working through a number of marketing roles, developing content, videos and photography with Mike Holmes Magazine, Dulux Paints, Lowe's and The Home Depot. I've since started taking on all of these projects in my own home and others. 

I joke that no painting project is complete unless I've stepped on the lid of an open paint can, one of these days I'll learn my lesson. 

I want to empower people to start projects and have the confidence to finish them on their own, and safely. Do you have a project you want to take on, but you're not sure if you can do it, or how to do it? Send me a message here and we can talk about doing it together!

I hope you come back and visit often! 

Taryn Gibb

(905) 999 - 0731


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Taryn It Up is a DIY and Lifestyle blog that is meant to inspire and empower women and men to take on projects outside of their comfort zone. Taryn Gibb offers DIY tutorials for easy DIY projects anyone can do at home. TarynItUp will show you how to renovate a kitchen, give you tips and tricks to renovate any room of your home and help you to pick the right decor to enhance any style. Complete your projects at your own risk.

NOTE: Posts may contain Affiliate links or sponsored content. 

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Whitby, Ontario