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Long Weekends and Cross-Border Shopping!

Like every Canadian, I’m a pretty big fan of cross border shopping, regardless of the exchange rate, there's just something about the assortment that gets me every time. I have a good friend in Windsor that I am lucky if I get to see once a year. With Dave having some fun of his own planned this weekend, I took the chance to go for a visit.

All I can say is I am exhausted! My friend's two year old is the absolute cutest. With curly blonde hair, the biggest, bluest eyes, and eye lashes most women have to pay for. He's the most talkative and playful little guy. My first morning there, his mama asked him what my name was. The little bugger said “Jack Ass”. Some may say he's right. I guess I should question what they’ve been saying about me behind my back, right?

Cast Iron Candle Stick Holders with Tapered Candle Sticks

We crossed the border twice into Michigan, and I must say, I was quite well behaved. We only stopped by two notable stores: Hobby Lobby and every Canadian’s favourite, Target. (Can I just tell you how much I miss Target!) Of course, with renovations underway, there’s not much of a budget for all of this fun stuff, but I couldn’t resist these goodies.

This was my first time at Hobby Lobby, and I assure you it will not be my last. For anyone looking at some U.S. shopping, I totally recommend it. The prices are great, they have great sales and coupons, and I'm sure for those planning weddings, along with those looking for some finishing touches, you couldn't leave this place empty handed.

Cotton Ball Stems & Copper Chicken Wire Vase

I got these stunning cast iron candlestick holders along with tapered candles from Hobby Lobby and the cotton ball stems. I've been searching for something like this in Canada for a while, but everything I found was a lot more expensive. These ones were on sale for $4.00 each! (There are 6 in the photo)

You can see a console table below. Once we get everything tidied up, I'll work to get a photo of that. Dave built it to hold his records. It's built out of 2x12" boards, stained and sealed, then connected with plumbing fittings and pipe!

The vase I got from target, it has the copper chicken wire embedded into the charcoal, blown glass vase. I hesitated on this one, but it really looks great with the stems in it, and adds some character to the room!

My favourite purchas is below. The three feathers about 36-inches high and each of them is about 12-inches wide. They have some subtle colour, beautiful wood-grain frames. Dave and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye on these ones, but he likes the frames! That's a win right?

Trio of Feather Images in woodgrain frames

As you can see, we're still missing baseboards in the living room. We're really missing all of the millwork at this point in time. One we get that, and a glass railing by our front door, we can do a bit of a reveal here!

It's nice to see all of our decor coming together. It's a bit premature, but I couldn't resist!

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