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Jumping in Head First {we’re finally catching up}

I’ll start off by saying, I am no pro.

When we moved into our house, the only thing I knew I wanted was an open concept kitchen and living space. We loved our house because it had an updated kitchen, but all I wanted to do, was tear down the wall between our living room and kitchen. Photos can’t even do justice to the difference it would make to open up these two rooms.

Both our living room and kitchen were long, and narrow rooms. We had to walk around a long peninsula through our breakfast area to a small 30-inch door on the other side of the rooms to get into our living room. We couldn’t communicate from one room to the other with heavy plaster walls, and about a 50 foot hike.

From the day of our first visit to the house, to conditionally buying the house and coming in for the home inspection, right through to move-in day, all (and I mean ALL) that I spoke about was tearing down this wall. Maybe this is why our friend Doug kept saying I was “Taryn it up”.

The day we moved in, we started quick, and quickly lost momentum. We started by removing baseboards and tearing down our dated bookshelf I mentioned in one of my previous posts. What I didn’t realize, was putting every back together was really going to prove to be a problem. In our bedroom we had just installed our Barn door that I’ve written about HERE. Since this had come together, I really wanted to get started on updating our floors. We have a local guy that my parents have used for almost every room in their house. Since this was before I started my new “Big Box” career, I called him up. We ordered some beautiful, hand scrapped, distressed laminate flooring. We wanted something durable and that would withstand the craziness of our friends, and Frank (our cat).

Our floors look beautiful, but we haven’t found them to be overly durable. They’re a 12mm, AC3 rated laminate (AC or Abrasion Class rating is the wear rating. It’s tested based on pressure, and really what level or pressure causes damage to the flooring. 3 is good, 4 is better, 5 is the best you can get, but pretty uncommon). I’ll probably look a bit differently next time around. We have had some pretty nasty scratches, and there isn’t much you can do to save the floors once they’re scratched.

There were three things I wanted as we installed our floors:

No Transitions between rooms

I find transition strips a bit annoying. I don't like the look of something separating two rooms. They are necessary in some situations, and we definitely need one between our bathroom and our hallway. Overall, I wanted seamless flooring from one side of the house, to the other.

No quarter-round moulding.

I’m not sure about you, but I like the clean look. What I really wanted were baseboards that sat flush on the floor, and I don’t like the look of quarter round.

A textured finish

I wanted something that felt a little bit rustic, a bit warmer than the older styles of laminate that don’t have any depth or character.

Splitting Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring with two stains

Our original floors were beautiful, they probably could have been refinished in some ​​areas, but there were a few things that really pushed us to replace the floors. In the corners, the hardwood was splitting, there were nails popping up, and if we sanded them, we would have seen some sparks. Parts of the floor were already stained, and then there were two bedrooms that were not.

So we began our journey to install our floors. We started in the bedroom. I wanted to

get one room back to normal. We’ve installed the flooring right into our closet, and then into the rest of the house. This is where I came to one sad realization. We couldn’t finish anything until we took down this wall. I was really hoping we’d be able to extend the flooring enough into the hallway to continue the flooring in the other bedrooms, but there was no way it was going to happen. I couldn’t start in the other rooms, or I’d end up wit​​h transition strips! (frustrating).

One great thing about laminate is that it can generally be installed over top of your existing floors. Being a floating floor, it really just sits atop the foam underpad and the existing floors!

Because we haven’t finished off the flooring, in our spare bedrooms, I’ve created a video to show you just how you can install laminate flooring on your own!

You can either subscribe to my blog, or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for the grand reveal of my first video! It will be coming this week!

New Laminate Flooring is Easy to install

- Taryn

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