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Difficult Decisions

Today, I had to make one of the most difficult decisions in my career. For the first time I’ve felt at home with my job. Despite the ups and the downs, I’ve always persevered, but it wasn’t until I took my role at the Home Depot, that I really felt like I was part of a network of people who could really make me love what I do. This was the first job that I felt so welcomed by my colleagues, recognized for the good, and not blamed for mistakes, rather challenged and supported to do better. I’m not perfect and nor was my job or the work I did, but it is special to me.

Today, some people saw me laugh, some people saw me cry, and some people saw me do both simultaneously. I was an emotional wreck. I took time to speak with some of the amazing friends I have made around the whole building. I’ve heard some amazing things about me personally and professionally.

Today, I quit my job.

It’s been just 13 months, (almost to the day) that I started at the Home Depot. Here’s the first picture I took right after I got my job offer!

Boy has it been a wild year. I’ve loved so much about it. So much so that when, a friend offered me a position with their organization, and the first thing I said was “I just can’t part ways with the Home Depot right now. I have so much more to do.” I still feel this way. I hope that one day I can maybe find my way back, and tackle the Home Improvement world a little more. Until then, the reason for the emotional whirlwind over the past few days: I finally have the position I’ve been seeking. I finally have a chance to lead a team, to mentor people and to continue to do what I love, marketing. I have accepted a position as a Brand Manager. I will be stepping outside of my comfort zone, from home renovations, into the world of Shoes. (Jealous Ladies?!)

I am so fortunate to have the support of some amazingly talented people. Even when my emotions had me second-guessing my decision, I was reassured that the best thing for me, is what helps me grow, personally and professionally. With that said, I cant even begin to express my excitement to move on to a new role and a new personal challenge to get better.

Of course, the Shoes wont hurt either!

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