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Picky Finishes

I’ve left everyone hanging a little bit on the renovation of our kitchen lately as we have just been so wildly busy with work, and Christmas and everything else life has to throw at you. Today I wanted to throw out there the finishes we picked for our kitchen. We had a lot of debates about many of these items, but in the end, it all worked out beautifully.

Kitchen Source Guide

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet doors:

The wish list really contained one thing, shaker-style doors. I wanted a recessed panel, with no gaps/grooves at each corner. After speaking with a few designers, they actually recommended having the grooves in each of the corners, their reasoning is as follows. When your kitchen cabinets expand and contract due to the humidity changing in your home, you’re going to start to see the cabinet panels split, as they’re actually 4 pieces assembled together, to look like one. If you go with pieces that have this natural groove/separation, you won’t have any cracking to deal with in the future.

The other ‘must have’ for our cabinet doors was a truly white painted finish. I didn’t want anything creamy or off-white, I found this with the Eurostyle Amsterdam Doorstyle from The Home Depot.

LG Quartz

Superwhite Quartzite

Counter Tops:

Quartz Countertops

Countertops were one thing that I was certain could have blown our budget, and they almost did! We found some stunning options that really just pushed us way beyond our price range. Between Super white Quartzite and Calcutta Marble, I just couldn’t justify countertops that were going to cost double or more than our cabinets! We found a gorgeous LG Quartz (top right) that just reminded me of clouds. (maybe a bit of a weird comparison, but here’s a close up of it. Sadly, the brand name quartz would have set us back 50% more.

(Right:) What we chose in the end was a beautiful quartz manufactured overseas. It’s grey, with a very concrete like finish, there are a number of white specks, and it almost looks like water splashed on it in certain places.

Maytag Appliances


My main priority with appliances may sound a little bit silly, but as we were looking for a fridge, we started with a 30” or a 33” in mind, most of the options we looked at were missing one thing. Something Dave just could not live without. They had no deli drawer. Blasphemy!

Once we narrowed it down to needing a deli drawer, we actually came across a 36” fridge by Maytag that had very cool handles, and that’s in the end what made our decision for us. Between cool handles, and the right Boxing Week Sale, we ended up with these very fun, industrial-style appliances! We have had a small problem with the fan in the stove malfunctioning, since we purchased it. Maytag was amazing, within 48 hours of me calling, they had a repairman out and he was able to fix it within 25 minutes. I couldn’t be happier with our choice. We bought our appliances through The Home Depot, during their boxing week sale, they've got some great offers on now as well, this link will bring you right to them!

Blanco Sink

Sink & Faucet:

My dad went to purchase my sink as a Christmas Gift. The first thing I was told was that I had picked some of the most expensive pieces I could have. The sink that we picked was the Blanco Quatrus U2, which is 9-inches deep, an inch deeper than a standard sink. It has hand forged, square corners, and two bowls that are the same size.

I love the look of the sink, the only things that I don’t love about using it, it’s a bit more maintenance than a standard sink that doesn’t have square corners for all the grime to build up, and I actually wish I would have gone with a single bowl, but the same width It is pretty spacious when it comes to washing your average size dishes, but for bigger items like baking sheets, or casserole dishes, I think the single bowl would have made life easier. Next time!

Delta Trinsic Faucet

As for the faucet, the only debate I had was on the colour. I really wanted to go with the Champagne Bronze / Gold finish for our Delta Trinsic faucet, but this was one place where Dave would not let me win. The price also stopped me in my tracks pretty quick. We decided to go with the Stainless Steel finish, matching both the sink and the appliances. The faucet gives us a nice sleek, modern design, with a pull down sprayer and two spray settings.

{This is the point in writing this post where I realized I’m a huge nerd when it comes to design finishes}

Pendant Light

Lighting: ​

Our biggest debate probably revolved around the lighting for our kitchen. Our island was where this started; Wayfair.ca can be a dangerous place to shop! I really wanted to use lighting to add some colour to our otherwise very white kitchen. For those of you who have never renovated, or are just getting into renovations, let me tell you one thing… Lights are bloody expensive! I was thinking a nice Royal Blue colour would add to the look, Dave was thinking they were just going to add to the budget. I compromised and we added these fun Ikea lights over the island. The great thing about these, we knew we wanted to add a breakfast area and we were able to buy a third of the same fixture and just change the shade to give us a nice chandelier over top of our table.

Dimmer Switches

Lighting seems to be the biggest battle in our house, and I think I know why. You can always count on me to think I know more about the practicality/functionality of lights, switches and electrical outlets than an actual Electrician. :P After a few weeks of arguing about whether or not we need dimmers, I opted to just go pick them up, and we now have three, three-way dimmer switches in our kitchen, and I don’t think Dave hates them! Although, I’m willing to bet he still stands firm that they’re not necessary. I can now dim the island pendants, the breakfast area pendant, and the non-existing (but roughed-in) pot lights! We can also turn them off on both sides of the kitchen, something (…one of many things) I felt very passionate about. They also turn on and of gradually which I feel gives it a 'fancier' effect.

Hardware:​​ ​​

Door Handles

We actually picked hardware for the front and side door when we first ​​moved in, a Weiser handle set with an antique pewter finish that really adds some wow to our doors. Since I fell in love with these, and instantly bought the clearance rack full. I wanted to find a similar finish to match the colour for our kitchen cabinets. Hardware can be pretty pricey, and with the budget already getting out of hand, I resorted to scouring the ​​internet to find the best in cabinet pulls, on Amazon. It didn’t take long to come across a similar finish on pulls that actually looked a lot like our Appliance Pulls. It really made the decision quite easy, and thus we had these Franklin Antique Pewter Pulls.

Benjamin Moore Barren Plain


We actually bought all the paint for our house when we first moved in. It just took me a year and a bit to actually paint anything, especially with the wall coming down and moving the kitchen, We decided to go with Benjamin Moore Barren Plain (2111-60) for the whole main floor. (well, excluding the bedrooms)


Simple, White, Subway tile. It really doesn't get any more complicated than that. I did spend a little more on the mortar and grout when I bought these. I bought Omni Grip as mortar, because I was assured it was very easy to use and forgiving for a beginner, which it definitely proved to be. And for grout, I purchased Fusion Pro (in Platinum). I haven't got to that stage yet, but it was all pre-mixed which made it that much more beginner friendly!

Bar Stools:

We picked these up on sale from Canadian Tire. We were having​

​ guests in, and needed a place for them to sit. They look great with the style of the house, and we can fit four along the breakfast bar. Dave wanted backs on the stools, but there wasn't much we could find at a price that we could afford (also known as cheap!). These have a wood grain top, which is a bit darker than they look in the photo, but they do look beautiful! You can find them here.

Next blog post, I’ll walk you through our kitchen design, and why we decided on the layout as is!

Let me know what you think of our choices! I know the monotone look isn't for everyone, but I'm in love! I promise, there is some colour coming (in curtains, pillows and placemats!

- Taryn

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