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The Secret to Successful Blogging #ThereAreNoSecrets

Every so often, I think, “man, it would be nice if things just worked”. Don’t you? Wouldn’t it be nice if things that you wanted just happened naturally? Like this blog of mine. I was hoping the minute I started writing, it would take off and I’d just be able to have a blast doing this, sharing what I’m loving as far as our home reno goes. I know it’s not realistic, especially with how sparse my posts are on here, but imagine it all just blew up, and got so big that this was what I was meant to do? Insert cheesy hashtags here: #fate #blessed.

I love working in Marketing, don’t get me wrong, but imagine your life was interesting enough that you could just tell people about it, and make a living? Well, I hate to break it to you, things don’t just blow up and happen without a lot of hard work, and there are no short-cuts to take to make things happen (at least not sustainable ones).

Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve been doing a lot of research, I’ve tried to find some industry tips and tricks, and secrets to make it big. Let’s face it, everyone, at one point or another has been where I am. Some with more time, some with more energy, and some with less, that still manage to make things happen. A few weeks ago, I reached out to a former classmate of mine, a lovely woman, a quickly growing influencer and a blogger to pick her brain on some of the successes, the challenges and the opportunities she’s had which have made her succeed as a blogger. Fortunately, she’s letting me share some of those secrets with you!

Anna is the founder and creator of STRUCKBLOG where she covers topics on Food, Style, Travel, Beauty and Life. She’s grown her Instagram and twitter following tremendously since her launch and has some great tips for everyone.

I asked Anna if there was a specific moment or turning point when things really started to move for her. She actually laughed at this one and told me she didn’t think she had gotten here yet. I was surprised. With a booming social following, and a successful blog, how did she not think had hit that point of success? I think this actually put things into perspective for me more than any other conversation we had. It really helped me recognize that success of someone cannot be measured by anyone but themselves. Sure you can admire someone for their success, but each person has goals for themselves, and that is where they need to focus.

By the time Anna answered my second question, I saw a trend emerging. Every answer, Anna brought me back to one fundamental point. You’re doing this because you love it. What I took away from this was just to focus on me and what makes me happy. Whether you love writing, or love sharing your stories, or your photos, you’re doing this for you, and you need to stay true to yourself. This comes back to working with brands and promoting products. If you wouldn’t go out and buy similar products,

After chatting for over an hour, I really just wanted the one piece of advice that Anna would share with everyone, and after coming back to doing things for yourself and because you love them, she suggested focusing on photos, especially on social media, and blogs, people are captivated by quality images and that is what is going to have people continually coming back. The hardest part, using a real camera and creating quality images. We all know just how easy it is to pull out your cell phone snap a few photos and post to Instagram, but the quality and stopping power of a crisp photo will really help you make a difference and drive more engagement.

As much as I wanted to come out of this knowing all of the secrets to making it big, and as fast as I could, I’m even more excited and motivated than I was before. As much as I wanted to do what I’m doing to impress others, I’ve realized that I don’t need their approval. I don’t need people to tell me what I’m doing is great, I just need to love it all along the way. The great thing about this, since I’ve started focusing more on me and what I love, I’ve seen more people engaging with me, more people loving my photos, more traffic to my blog. Authenticity is worth more than anything else.

If anyone has any secrets to conquering the world of blogging, please don't hesitate to tell me everything you know! In the mean time, I'm back to the grind, hoping to get to a point where I can write 3 - 4 posts a month, instead of barely fitting in two :D

- Taryn

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