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7 Things to consider when planning a Bachelorette Party

This summer is going to be a busy one. With wedding galore, standing alongside three great friends, and attending a fourth, I have definitely been involved in a lot of party planning already! We’ve had one bachelorette party already, and two more to come, and so I wanted to share with you some of the tips and trick that me and the other bridesmaids found to plan the perfect day.

I have 7 Things I think you should consider when planning a Bachelorette Party:

  • Get everyone involved (less the bride of course!): The second part of this is the hardest, at least in the case of the first bride we were celebrating. She likes to be involved in everything, so we had to push her buttons a little bit to keep the planning moving. The bridesmaids and I were all part of the same Facebook chat. As we got confirmed attendees, we added them to the group so everyone was included in the planning. Everyone having a say can make things a little more difficult, but it also gives you a chance to keep everyone happy. Another group, we created an evite. Using this gave us a place where people could RSVP, answer any questions we had and really keep the ball rolling.

  • Be considerate of others budgetary constraints: Be upfront with the girls, if budgets are tight or if you need to sit out a few of the festivities. Most people will understand if you talk about it before the planning moves too far along. Not everyone comes from the same financial opportunities, and some people have a lot of commitments outside of weddings.

  • Pick a location that is convenient for everyone: I know this really is about ​

​pleasing the bride. I’m not saying your entire decision should be based on the others in attendance, but if the Bride wants everyone to attend, you should try to make it work for as many people as possible. This spring I had comments of Las Vegas, or the Caribbean, even Nashville as a getaway option. I was prepared to sit out the festivities if it kept the bride happy, but I was upfront on my inability to travel too far away.

  • Timing: I don’t think there are any rules on how close to the wedding bachelorette parties should be, so take advantage of this! Sometimes the difference of a month or two can mean a lot of saving on hotel, Air BNB or travel prices.​​

  • Personalize: You’re participating because you are one of the bride’s closest friends. You know what she likes, try to think of a theme that may work for her thats fun to wrap your whole day around.

  • Don’t over plan: The thing about parties, nothing ever runs as quick as you expect. Create an itinerary, but have it buffered with some down time. You can have some back-up activities planned just in case you spend a bit of extra time at the spa, or need a quick afternoon nap to get your energy level up! You and the other attendees will appreciate you for it.

  • Have Fun: Don’t like the little details bum you out. We got dolled up and took photos in front of a fancy backdrop created just for the bride and have lots of memories to laugh about forever. Sometimes it’s really just about letting your hair down, making silly faces and strolling around in a horse mask.

Weddings are so stressful for everyone involved, from the finances, to the little details. Everyone needs a little pampering! As I get more into wedding season, I’ll post a little bit more about all of the festivities!

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