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There are days when you're just browsing through Instagram, or Pinterest and you stumble upon that perfect piece of inspiration, the one thing you're looking for to kick off a project.

For me, I was working on my parents new house, {you can see the before shots on my blog post here} and we were trying to decide what colours to use for the kitchen, knowing this would be our starting point for the whole open concept living space. Being 2017 and all, we immediately started talking Grey or White, the standard colours, but having spent some time looking at kitchen trends in my role at The Home Depot in the fall, I really knew we could push this and elevate the colours to something a bit warmer, and a bit different.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

First impressions when we mentioned we were looking to change things up, were completely mixed. "White and grey are the best colours for resale" "Why wouldn't you go white". It wasn't until we started speaking to a few people in the design world, that we started to hear the "oooh's" and "Ahhhh's" we were looking for. Almost immediately, Navy came to mind. who doesn't love Navy? It's neutral enough to not offend anyone, its warm enough to add some life to your space, and most importantly, it's not grey or white! (I'll be honest though, it is being combined with white, to lessen the blow for all of those nay-sayers.) Here's some of our inspiration: My Parent's New Home

All of the pieces just started coming together, and most of it I can

tell you was from this piece of fabric I found via the Instagram page of Tonic Living. There was no doubt in either of our minds that this was the way to go once we saw it.

Tonic Living: Eastern Charm, Hibiscus

Benjamin Moore Smoke

For the living room and the kitchen walls, we went with the lighter blue from the same fabric, I'll admit, seeing it on the wall at first I thought it was a little wee bit darker than I normally would go in my own home, but what am I to say, it's not my house in the end! And frankly, it does look pretty darn good! (Good choice mom!)

One thing we did pick before almost anything else, was tile. This included the kitchen tile for the backsplash, and the main bathroom. Being a smaller house, it's now a 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom. For the bathroom, my mom was set on a basket weave tile, she had so much inspiration with the Marble black and white basket weave which would be nice and traditional, but as we were looking, we found an amazing, all white marble basket weave, which we felt was going to brighten the space and really work with absolutely everything. We made two major stops when searching for tile.

Marble Chevron Backsplash tile

1. Olympia Tile: probably the biggest tile store in the city of Toronto. We found a lot of beautiful tile, but I felt so overwhelmed. This is where we found our backsplash tile, and after posting this on Instagram, I think everyone completely understands and supports the decision. What we were originally thinking my mom wanted was an Arabesque shape, what we couldn't take our eyes off, this marble chevron. It is out of this world amazing. One thing to note, if you're working with a contractor, they often get better pricing than the average customer!

white basket weave

2. Ciot was a lot smaller (at least the first location was), and also offers contractor discounts. I found so much inspiration in here, from cement tile with stunning patterns, to large and small format tiles that just wowed me. Here we found the all white basket weave tile for the bathroom floor, and a 3x12 porcelain that looks like marble, and actually has a bit of a slight variation in thickness to give a really organic look once installed.

White Vanity Marble Countertop

I know what you're thinking, all this white! We even got a white vanity with marble countertop for the bathroom. So how did we add some colour? Well some more inspiration from the fabric, the colour selected was a pale pink, called Fondant by Benjamin Moore! What do you think, would you dare to go pink?

Let me know in the comments below!

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