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Inspiration, Motivation & A Reality Check

I’m feeling a little inspired this week. Maybe it’s the nice weather, maybe it’s the long


weekend that was just enjoyed, but some of it is definitely this Instagram Challenge I just joined. I’m not alone, over 10,000 individuals are joining Jenna Kutcher on a 5 day Instagram challenge, to both build a following and also learn a bit more about the platform.

I’m stepping a little out of my comfort zone ‘asking for help’ from this challenge. I’m usually one to tackle most of my projects alone and really push myself to figure out how to make things happen, when in reality, so many individuals are going through similar struggles and trying to grow and evolve on their own, why not try to tackle this together?

For day one, we modified our bio's got a littler personal, and used a photo of our smiling Mug as our profile picture to really try to connect with our audience. Sounds silly, but I think it helps.

We’re on day two now, and the challenge was to show our followers the ‘real’ side of us. Something a little more personal than the staged photos we all want to post. I’m generally pretty good at keeping things real, after all, the first post I had on here was showing you all how funny looking I am. But why, all of a sudden, was I a little nervous to post this photo? Was it because of all of the challengers? Was it because I’m embarrassed of the extra weight I’m carrying around with me? Was it because to be honest, I haven’t liked having someone take my picture for me in a long while? I’m not sure.

In the past few days, I’ve seen countless bloggers and influencers speak about the judgement, the hate, and the unrealistic world the internet has become, and it really has me thinking. This post will not only open me up for the judgement from my followers and others on the internet and make me feel a little more vulnerable. We see it on TV, we see it on the internet, and people are developing these complexes of inferiority due to the fact that everyone on Instagram has a perfect life. They either love, or they hate the individuals they’re seeing, and choosing to follow, offering hate-filled comments to people they only think they know. Kaitlyn Bristowe spoke about it this week through her Instagram stores. I love her approach to being a real person, one that she knows, not everyone will love. And she embraces it. This is a lesson we could all learn from. You shouldn’t have to be what others want you to be, you should be yourself. She’s pushing for people to be more real, and that’s admirable.

{I’m not perfect! I’m actually REALLY far from it. I don’t try to be either, but I try to do my best at everything that I do.}

The reason I started my blog was because I was told so many times that I couldn’t do different things. From being told I wasn’t going to pass a high school science class (I did!) to being told there were certain things I couldn’t do because I was a woman. I was once told I wouldn’t be able to tile, I’ve successfully tiled a floor to ceiling back splash in my kitchen, and was complimented for it too! I’ve been second guessed many times throughout my career and have always persevered and proven not only my worth but my skill. Let me set the record straight though… I’m not perfect! I’m actually really far from it. I don’t try to be either, but I try to do my best at everything that I do.

Some of the first comments I read on the challenge was how inferior people felt, and how they felt out of place joining the challenge because they were comparing themselves to others joining the challenge. Everyone has different priorities, different levels of expertise and different paths to get where they want to be. I felt this same way at one point, she had developed quite the following and everything seemed effortless. I was jealous. Shortly after, she told me about how things weren’t going as she had hoped, she was having a hard time balancing life, work and her business, and it really help me put into perspective what success really is. My vision for success was much different than hers, and I couldn’t just pass judgement when I really had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. These are the things you can’t see behind the app. You don’t see the struggles and the fight that people have to go through to make things happen. For me, you don’t see that we’ve spent so much money on our home renovations that we can’t afford a vacation. We’ve lived in a dust-filled house for over a year, and sometimes, it just breaks you down a little bit.

When you mix life, relationships, work and hobbies together, there’s rarely enough time or energy to balance every little piece. There have been days when I’ve broken down and cried in my office at work, because I’ve just had a little too much on the go. There have been times where I couldn’t stop smiling because I had hit a new milestone for my blog or my Instagram. To me, it’s about celebrating these milestones. This is what I think has been inspiring me. I’ve felt so much support from Family, Friends and fellow Instagram users or bloggers. I’m really one of the lucky ones. This is what I do all of this for. It’s for me, it’s not for everyone else.

I’m going to hope that one day, when I grow my following further, I can maintain this mentality, but In the meantime, I’ve got this blog to reflect on this post and all of the accomplishments I will be sharing along the way.

Has anyone questioned your ability to do something in a way that really helped drive your success, whether to prove them wrong, or even just to prove this to yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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