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I was off this weekend for the second bachelorette of three for the year. Jen’s getting married in just over one month, and we wanted to do something fun to celebrate. Her maid of honour and myself got planning and started scouring the Internet for ideas of what to do in Prince Edward County. We started exploring accommodations for a group of 10, and things to do.

We started with Air BNB. Has anyone ever used it? It was my first attempt, and luckily, a massive success. We stayed at a place called A Captain’s Dream. It’s located a little bit outside of Milford, and a bit of a distance from some of the bigger wineries. We were a bit concerned about the distance at first, but fortunately, we had a couple of pregnant ladies with us that offered to drive us around!

Our first stop was The County Cider Company, which specializes in, well, cider! I think I may actually like Cider more than wine these days. So I was thrilled with the chance to sample four different options.

Tortured Path: Which was described to have a bit of a “barnyard flavour” it sounded so weird, and saying that I liked it because of the barnyard flavour probably seems even weirder.

County Premium: Their first cider. It’s a nice crisp flavour. It’s a pretty standard cider, easy to drink, especially in the sun!

Peach: Now we’re talking. I’m on a huge peach Cider kick, and this one definitely was worth the taste!

Raspberry: This may have been my favourite. It reminded me of Raspberry Sour Puss, but with a bit of a cider-y taste.

The most amazing part about this stop of our tour was the view. Look at this! I could spend the whole day sitting out enjoying this view.

Our next stop was Waupoos Estates Winery. I sampled 3 different whites, and ended up purchasing a bottle of the Marquette. All of the sampling was done inside, and it felt a bit cramped with the number of people who were there. They did have a shaded wrap-around porch that we could sit on, but no one seemed to use it. The servers were educated and able to easily explain the different wines and help us pick samples we would like. And the view… spectacular yet again!

Stop number three almost didn’t happen. We drove into the parking lot, and didn’t see anything, we thought It was overflow parking. We drove down the street to realize we were in the right place all along. Long Dog Winery is a small shop nestled behind some trees. We walked through a grassy path where we were greeted by one of the owners. He was on his tractor doing some property maintenance, when the ladies asked if we could snap a photo on the tractor. He was a trooper for tolerating us. When we got into the shop we had a chance to sample 1 red and 1 white. Two of the ladies purchased the Pinot Noir while I enjoyed the Chardonnay.

Our final stop for the day really did an amazing job of creating an experience for its guests. Half Moon Bay Winery was a big barn converted to a winery, their tasting room was small and cozy with an outdoor patio covered in picnic tables for their guests to enjoy live music. We enjoyed a bottle of wine, took some photos and just soaked in the county and the full experience. I spoke briefly with the owners and learned they planted the vineyard themselves in 2005. They said they didn’t open until 2011.I would recommend each and every one of these spots if you happen to be in the area, especially if you have a nice sunny afternoon to enjoy some good wine and cider. It’s a perfect getaway from Toronto for a ladies night or even for a romantic weekend.

It was a great way to celebrate the lovely Jen, right before the big day!

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