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The Design Plan: My Parent's House

Interested in how we got from a bung-a-like to bung-a-love? Get it? Bungalow they liked, to a bungalow they loved?

Well enough with the bad jokes.

We all know that from Day 1 when I first saw this house, I loved it. Well the bones at least! When we first walked in, I knew it had the potential, so I wanted to break down what we envisioned and how we went from a small three bedroom bungalow to a spacious 2 bedroom.

Step 1: Open up the kitchen to the living room and dining room!

As you can see here, this would have made a big difference, but the kitchen would have still been small and a little cozy when it comes to entertaining.

Step 2: Remove the smallest bedroom to make room for the kitchen and a master suite!

We were dealing with windows an attic hatch and two closets, but we knew removing the bedroom would still leave more than enough room for my parents, both now (with a few kids that wont leave the house) and especially in the future, when it's just them.

Step 3: Remove the linen closet. With one bathroom on the main floor, one priority was getting a bit more countertop space than the original 24-inch vanity. Removing the linen closet would allow for a 48" vanity!

Step 4: Pocket Doors. Adding pocket doors was going to make more of the floor space functional, Doors out of the way (in the Master and Bath made everything feel a bit more spacious!

Step 5: Patio Door. In the master bedroom, there was a patio door that led onto the deck. Having a pool at the house, everyone would have been dragging their wet feet through my parents bedroom in order to go in and use the bathroom. We opted to add a hallway that leads to the back door. Not only does this add some major functionality, it leaves a space for a hutch that now holds patio dishes, glasses and even towels and sunscreen! All this, and the air flow through the house, is just perfection.

Step 6: Front Hall Closet. This wasn't the original plan. This was one of those 'surprise add ons', and for a reason that most people wouldn't expect. As we were moving furniture into the house, we couldn't get a box spring for a bed, or the couch down into the basement. At the fear of having to build the furniture into the basement, we made a decision to leave the front hall closet off the plan, and open things up!

Ready for some before photos? Well here you go! (Courtesy of Realtor.ca)

With the renovation complete, we're hoping to show you exactly what everything looks like now, as soon as we get the house cleaned up enough to do so! :D

What do you think of the plan? Could you live in an open concept house?


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