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I can't feel my face

I "felt" like a million bucks as we kicked off the long weekend. It did not finish off as well as I had expected. Knowing I had an extra day, I had such a productive few days. I got my hair cut, installed some blinds and window trim, even redid the bathroom with shiplap! We headed out to my cousins lovely wedding on Sunday evening and things started to get weird. (I kept turning my phone into selfie mode to see if I could notice something wrong... judge for yourself.... this is me trying to smile at the wedding

(<<<< okay, maybe I exaggerated the eye brows, but it shows how little movement I had on the right side.)

I had a tingly feeling in my face, my tastebuds had kind of stopped working, and when it came time for a family photo, I couldn't make myself smile. Upon a consult with my doctor, we spent a few hours in the ER on the holiday Monday to realize I have Bell's Palsy, which temporarily reduces motion on one side of your face.

Let me tell you, I feel like I've been at the dentist for two day, everything is tingly. Everything is just a little bit harder, eating, drinking, talking, laughing! Fortunately it was caught early, so I'm hoping for a very speedy recovery.

The "funny" part, my family noticed some droopiness in my face Saturday and assumed it was from the open bar 😂 I always hesitate to share these real life moments, but I think it's hard to focus on just the "picture perfect" internet life, without being a bit real at the same time. Knowing nothing about Bell's palsy, I immediately broke down, freaked out and had a minor (ok, maybe a bit bigger than minor) meltdown. The good news is, I should be back to normal in no time, or so the doctors have told me.

I'm now on day 3 of meds. I'm still struggling with any movement in my face. The worst part, my eyes have been so unbelievably dry. I had to get Dave to drive me around the corner to pick something up today because I couldn't open my eyes in the sun. I spent 2 hours staring at a spreadsheet that should have taken me no longer than an hour to complete. And man, do these pills knock me out.

I'm hoping to head back to the office tomorrow, wish me luck!

Tomorrow means just a 2 more days until my friend Katrina's wedding (one that I'm a bridesmaid in). At this rate, I'm going to have lots of photos showing off my RBF (resting bitch face) or smart ass smirk (out of one side of my face). Here's hoping for some progress before then! Tomorrow's also the rehearsal which means a trek out to the west end of the city. I hope my eyes will give me a bit of a break.

If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to make me heel faster, please share them with me!

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