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5 things we learned about our family through Genealogy

Pinterest is the damnedest thing sometimes. You fall into that rabbit hole, browsing from one pin to the next, clicking through to dozens of websites with no real purpose in mind, but coincidentally, I ended up clicking through to Ancestry.ca and got myself into a bigger rabbit hole. My aunt Margaret was big into genealogy, she started several years ago, and had actually researched my paternal family side, pretty far back before she passed away.

I remember sitting at my grandfathers house, looking through an album she created with all of images she had collected through people she had met. I didn’t know where to start, so I just began importing things I had found on her family tree, and found a number of really cool things along the way.

  1. My father’s side of the family uses a lot of the same names for their children. Lots of men named Andrew, James, John.

  2. My parents bought a home on a street that shares a name with my fathers maternal grandmother’s last name “Hortop”

  3. Champagne is a family name, and really explains a lot… haha, I mean, what’s a family brunch without mimosas? It also explains our expensive taste! They are also from the Champagne region of France; which means, I’m pretty much. The coolest part of this, I’ve traced this back (with the help of people who actually know what they’re doing) to the year 1625. It’s NUTS.

  4. My Grandfather was adopted in the early 1930s, and all of the paperwork about his adoption was burned in a fire at the orphanage. We know nothing about his family history, but we have been able to track his adoptive family.

  5. Dave’s family originated in part of Ireland that we were driving through, so we were able to stop in Tipperary Co. and Cork Co, the two spots we were able to add to our trip! We stopped at the beautiful Rock of Cashel in Tipperary to explore.

  6. Dave's family comes from Yorkshire England, and way back in the 1700s, a man with the last name Carrick, married a woman with the last name Kitchen. One of my bestie's, her family name is "Kitchen" and they were from Yorkshire as well. This means one thing. If/When Dave and I get married, my bestie will become Family! (ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but There's a very slim chance that they're not related, and a big chance that they are!)

We’ve really only spent a bit of time digging through this history. I’m excited to see how far back we can go, and what we may find out along the way.

Have you done any research on your family history? What have you learned, either through the Internet or family members?

Rock Of Cashel - Tipperary County

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