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7 big + 6 small follicles

I’m struggling to put into words the emotions of the past few days, between Friday’s news and going back for another round of blood work and ultrasound today, I feel numb.

Today’s ultrasound added to this. After 10 days of stimulation, my follicles are still not growing as quickly as we hoped. With over 30 follicles, we had hoped we’d see at least half of them growing by now, unfortunately we only have 12, and they are varied in size, from 1cm to 2cm. We need the follicles between 1.5cm and 2.2cm for the best chance of success, only about half are in this range.

We’re still tentatively scheduled for the retrieval on Wednesday, but we’re taking everything one day at a time, waiting to see if any of these little follicles catch up, and hoping that there are eggs inside of each of the follicles that are within the ideal range.

This is not the position we thought we would be in. We knew anything was possible, but we both went into this situation with so much optimism, we have so much uncertainty.

Now we wait. Tomorrow brings a new day, with more follicle stimulating hormone, and more Luveris to help give the eggs the extra push. Fingers crossed they continue to grow, I appreciate the cheering squad and support from each of you as we sprint to the finish line.

Back tomorrow for another round, hopefully we get some good news!


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