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8 Weeks | A Pregnancy Update

Once again, my update is being written in a few different parts. A pre & post appointment update.

And now, we’re nearing the end of week 7. Our little Blueberry/Raspberry sized babe feels like it’s in there, strong, but we’ll find out tomorrow (Thursday). It’s been an interesting week for me. Along with developing a bit of a sore throat, I’ve started to feel a few more pregnancy symptoms. Friday night, at exactly 7 weeks, I found myself falling asleep on the couch at 7pm. Much to Dave’s disappointment, I dragged myself to bed around 12:30 and slept right through until 6am. It was glorious. Unfortunately, eating dinner at 5:30, sleeping for 11 hours meant that someone was awfully hungry when I woke up. I woke up in a bit of a panic, a panic of nausea. I knew exactly what I had done, and how to fix it. I through some bread into the toaster and started feeding the cats and unloading the dishwasher to distract myself. It didn’t work. I avoided the full out sickness, but choking down some toast was the only way to stop the nausea. My morning ritual now includes throwing some toast on so it cooks as I get dressed.

The first hint of it was actually before my ultrasound last week, I hadn’t eaten breakfast, chugged a litre of water to ensure my bladder was full, and spent the entire drive downtown feeling like I was going to hurl. Again Monday, I had to make a pit-stop at the McDonalds drive-thru to feed the nausea on the way to work. It’s glamourous.

I would argue I’ve been holding myself together pretty good this week. Despite needing this ‘unexpected’ follow-up ultrasound, and reading up details from Doctor Google that are not the most reassuring, I’ve been pretty calm about everything. I think the increase in symptoms contributes to this. The fact that I slept through most of the weekend, and am in bed by 7 or 8 pm most nights doesn’t leave a whole lot of out-of-work time to worry.

I’ve had some really weird dreams in the past few days though. One of the most memorable happened to be me racing around to pick up my child from daycare. The daycare then asked me “What’s your kids name?” I said “umm…. Uhhhh… I think its….” And through out a random name! Then in my dream I proceeded to say “Wait, that’s not it’s name, it doesn’t even have a name!”…

This is how I feel most days lately. Faking it til I make it. My brain has shut down a bit, I’ll blame the exhaustion.

Today’s ultrasound was a bit of a weird one, because I knew the Doctor wasn’t going to be around to review my test results. The first question the tech asked me when I went into the room was if I was reviewing the results with my doctor after. I told her he was out of the office, so I was waiting for a call with the results, BUT, I was hoping that there will be something reassuring on the screen to tide me over until the call. It was a quick ultrasound today, she asked if I had anyone with me, and I told Dave to stay at home today, so I didn’t. She swiveled the screen so I could see and explained the picture on the screen. Showed me the face, the arms, the legs, and the precious little heart beat. Relief. The arms and legs are still little nubs and were explained to me like a little gummy bear.

I asked her about the heart beat. I was just hopeful it was strong, it’s so hard to tell based on the picture. She subtly nodded, and it was all I needed to feel good leaving the clinic.

It didn’t take long to get my results, the doctors office had them reviewed by another Reproductive Endocrinologist and sent them over, saying everything looks good.

Baby has grown!

Crown Rump Length: from 0.8 cm (6 weeks, 6 days) to 1.6cm (8weeks 1 day)

Fetal Heart Rate: from 130bpm to 172bpm

It all feels like such a relief that everything is finally feeling normal. It’s starting to feel like this might actually happen. Monday I’ll get updates from the clinic that will tell me what’s next. Until then, I’ll be here staring at his little gummy bear picture.

And if anyone needs to visualize it, my friend drew a face on this thing so you can see where it’s body parts are.

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