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You’d think with a title like this I’d be celebrating my birthday, but this time I’m celebrating my little baby follicles! All 30+ of them! It sounds like my ultrasound tech lost count after she got to 15 on each ovary!

today was ultrasound day, I was up early, did the courtesy full body ahave, and made my way downtown with a litre of water in my bladder. Its always so wonderful going in, full bladder and having to wait 45 minutes for your turn to be probed, but it’s a busy place. I’ve never been so happy to see a sonographer in my life.

They started with a pelvic ultrasound (ok the abdomen) let me drain the litre of fluid I had to consume, and moved on to a transvaginal ultrasound. Women have affectionately nicknamed the probe or wand, “Wanda“. Fitting.

Wanda and I spent 16 whole minutes together today, and I must admit, it was not the best date I’ve ever had. She was a bit rough today. I think it took a little longer as the tech was trying to count all my mini follicles in there. Follicles are what hold the eggs. Just because there’s a follicle, doesn’t mean there will be an egg, or that they'll be good quality, but having more definitely helps me increase my odds at not having to do this whole IVF Retrieval thing again!

ultrasound techs can’t share results with you, so after my lovely 16 minute date, I went back to the waiting room, I knew I had a few minutes before the nurse called me in. Once I finally got in, she told me that everything looks perfect! Even above average!

I have 30 follicles!

15+ follicles in each of my ovaries, and now it’s time to watch them grow! We start meds tomorrow night and I’m thrilled, because even half of these make it to the stage that we can freeze them, were in a really good place! I added a last minute acupuncture appointment to start my uterus prep!

Then I treated myself to a cannoli because I deserved it! (Twice)

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