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Baby Registry Must Have’s: Dr Brown’s Bottles

I remember looking for bottles when I was registering and I had gone completely off a friends recommendation. I’m sure the bottles are great, but we haven’t even opened them after our visit in the NICU. When we entered the NICU, I asked in advance what I was going to need to purchase in preparation for Dylan’s growth and in order to have him discharged. The basics included a car seat for a baby as low as 4lbs, preemie onesies along with sleepers that have feet and snaps for all his wires, additional (Halo) sleep sack for easy laundering, and Dr Browns bottles.

I wasn’t sure about the specifics, but as I did my research, I assumed that the bottles were to reduce colic. It wasn’t until the team at Dr. Brown’s medical division and I chatted that I learned the real benefits. I advocated for these bottles before, but now I have the cold hard facts.

The bottles are designed with a venting system that helps with colic, that part of my research was right. What I didn’t know is that the venting also helps neutralize the pressure in the bottle which makes it a easier on a baby’s digestive system, especially under-developed digestive systems like preemie babies. The team member I spoke to spent over 20 years as a neonatal therapist, lactation consultant among other roles in the NICU and hospitals And she was able to explain this to me in a simplified way. If you’re drinking from a two litre pop bottle, as you’re chugging, the bottle compresses because of negative pressure. Bottles are the same for babies. With no negative pressure, and no air in the bottle, it makes it easier for the baby. Who would have thought there was they much science behind it?

Additionally, each and every nipple for the bottle is quality control tested to ensure consistency with flow. When babies are already struggling to eat, and barely have coordination to do so, having a bottle that helps keep this consistent makes me think (no science behind this assumption) that it will ultimately make it easier for the baby develop these skills.

I love learning about product engineering. Funny enough before I chatted with the rep, I had just purchased 6 more bottles, in a larger 8oz size, because Dylan’s almost out grown the 4oz bottles! in addition to some bottles, they’ve sent us level 2 nipples that we can use when we need more flow. A bottle brush, which is silicone, making it easier to clean the actual brush, and another bottle warmer that we’ve left at my parents place since we go hang out in the pool a few days a week!

We’ve been using a nipple shield since day 1, and we’re excited to test out the Dr Brown’s Nipple shields that came in this package. It’s hard to switch a baby once they get used to one version, but we’ll see what Dylan things and let everyone know!

Disclosure: We have received free product from Dr. Browns Medical in exchange for the use of photos of Dylan using the product.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. There’s no cost to you, but if you make a purchase using one of these links, I’ll make a small commission which will help me keep this blog running.

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