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Design Q&A - Should I Paint the Ceiling?

Internal debates are the worst debates. They're the ones that rarely have an end. I need some help to solve this one! I'm thinking about painting the ceiling a dark colour, Grey, or black perhaps?

I have been following the lovely "Addison's Wonderland" for a long time, and her stunning ceilings in Sherwin William's Inkwell.

Source: Addison's Wonderland

Her style and creativity are so inspiring and probably one of my favourite designers. I love the eclectic feel of her home, combined with colour and traditional elements like the brick fireplace. It has me thinking more and more about what I can do in my house to change things up a bit. Here's what I've whipped up in Photoshop!





What do you think? Team Grey or Team White? Let me know in the comments below, I need your help deciding!

Thanks everyone!

- Taryn

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