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DIY Tutorial: Grain Scoop Decor

It's been a rough two weeks. I'm still struggling with my recovery, mostly because everything is out of my control. Towards the end of last week, I finally started feeling a bit more human, I was able to focus, have an intellectual conversation and actually make it through a day without napping.

I decided to take a week off to focus on recovering and de-stressing. Today I felt like I actually had a chance to do something to relax and do a project of my own!

A few months ago, I was in Michaels and found these adorable grain scoops. I bought three of them, much to Dave’s confusion, I hung them, empty on the wall, where they sat for a few months. Today, I was off work, enjoying a nice vacation day, when I decided I wanted to do something fun. I had seen some Faux herbs wrapped in burlap and thought it would be cute in the scoops, so I decided to DIY it.

What you need:

  • Grain Scoops

  • Floral Foam

  • Burlap

  • Scissors

  • Faux Plants (I used Boxwoods)

  • Photo hanging wire

  • 3M Hooks

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

Step 1:

Take your floral foam and cut it to fit in your grain Scoop.

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

Step 2:

Wrap the floral foam in Burlap. You may find some hot glue will help keep this where you want it. I cut a length twice as long as the scoop, in doing this, I folded the piece over so it met at the halfway point, and placed my foam so I had a bit more burlap in the back than the front.

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

Step 3:

Place your burlap-wrapped foam back into the scoop. You’ll probably want to play around with it a bit to get the burlap to cover the foam and scoop perfectly.

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

Step 4:

Cut your boxwoods and insert them into the floral foam. You can arrange the boxwoods so they fill the scoop, I have taller pieces in the back, and getting a bit shorter towards the front.

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

Step 5:

The back of the scoops I bought have four legs, so I was able to use the picture wire and wrap it around the top two legs. I then hung a 3M hook on the wall (I live by these, ever since I had to patch my own walls HAHA).

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

Step 6:

Hang and enjoy!

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial

What do you think? It was a simple and affordable project, and adding the greenery to the kitchen really makes these pop! I love the rustic, galvanized steel look combined with the greenery as well.

Grain Scoop Decor Tutorial


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