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Embryo Update

I should have been writing these updates daily as I got updates from the doctor, but life gets in the way a bit. I've posted on my Instagram, if you're not following me there, here's a link!

Lets rewind a little. As I mentioned in my last update, I mentioned we were so fortunate that the doctors managed to retrieve 9 eggs from my follicles, all 9 were mature and all 9 have been fertilized! Holy Moly! That was unexpected. This meant we had to wait to yesterday to get our next update. We were expecting a bit of drop off from day 1 to day 3, but somehow all of our little fighter eggs are still going strong, and completely normal! I've never been so hear the word normal.

In the fertility world, the 5 days following an egg retrieval are often referred to as "The Hunger Games", it all ties back to the line "May the odds be ever in your favour." It sounds like my embryos are Katniss, and kicking some hunger games ass.

So now we wait again. Our embryos have two more nights to make it through. There’s still plans to assist them with hatching, using a laser to create a small hole in the shell of the egg, but ultimately 48 hours from now, we should know exactly where we stand. We’ll know how many of our little embabies will make their way to the freezer, acclimatizing themselves with Canadian winters, until we’re prepared to transfer one back.

I’ve been on shutdown medication for 4 days already, today being the fifth, fortunately it’s helped me avoid any signs of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, which after a very hungover ultrasound this morning, has confirmed that I am showing no signs internally either! I have one more injection, and 4 more days of pills to go, but I've been cleared to go back to normal eating, no requirements of salty foods. The countdown is on as we wait for our last update tomorrow. We should her from the doctor by noon, and it is the most critical update. All of our eggs should make their way to what we call Blastocyst stage, if they don't, they wont be able to be transferred back into me. It's terrifying to think of what could happen, but in theory, we could have 9 frozen babies tomorrow afternoon!

Here's a photo that really represents my mood after yesterday's update!

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