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Frozen Embryo Transfer

The news came faster than I expected. I'm not usually happy when it happens, but this time, I'm thankful for my short luteal phase. After my eggs were retrieved, I didn't have to wait too long for my next cycle to begin. Let's get this party started. The way it works, the day your next cycle begins, you call into the clinic and report your 'Day 1', this gets the ball rolling. You leave a message with your information and wait for the nurses to call you back. I got the call that I was to return yesterday morning, Sunday for bloodwork and my first round of pills.

Here's a bit of what the next three weeks are going to look like:

Sunday/Day 3 AM: Bloodwork & Nurse Visit. Picked up Estrogen and Letrozole

Sunday/Day 3 PM: Get updated instructions from the doctor on when/what to take for the next 11 days.

Day 14: Bloodwork, Ultrasound & Nurse Visit. I'll layer in Progesterone in the form of giant butt needles.

Day 20: Bloodwork, Ultrasound & Nurse Visit. We'll check all my levels, and if everything looks good, we'll be ready for the transfer!

Day 21: Transfer Day!

The cool thing about this, the way the timing works out, we'll be right in/around Dave's birthday for the Embryo Transfer, and the due date would be right around his late grandmother's birthday. It's crazy to think we're even at this point and in as few as 18 days, we could be considered pregnant until proven otherwise!

It’s yet another long process, a few weeks, but I’m sure it will fly by!

Thank you all for continuing to cheer us on, we know this journey is not over. There's still a chance the transfer wont work, or that we may have to try a few times, but all I can say right now is that we're so optimistic that our two day 5 embryos, and two day 6 embryos are bad ass fighters, they're strong and we're going to make this happen!

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