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Happy New Year

As the final day of the calendar is upon us, I’ve been here thinking about everything that was 2017. A lot can happen in 365 days; these days are constantly broken down in to smaller segments of time; waking up, breakfast, commuting, work, etc. Each of these moments gives us more opportunities to create memories, some are insignificant, and others are the driving forces behind our days, weeks, months and years.

So many of these moments go unnoticed, and so many have a lasting impact.

2017 has brought me professional growth, and an opportunity to prove to myself some of my capabilities. I’ve gained confidence while still challenging myself to gain a better understanding, questioning experts and challenging decisions to learn and expand. This growth has also come through uncertainty. I spent two months looking for a job, dealing with the fear of unemployment. To add to the uncertainty, inconsistency of Dave’s job has tested us.

One thing I experience on a daily basis is love. We marked our 5th anniversary just three days ago. We celebrated four weddings, the engagement of my brother, and the growth of families. I’ve also witnessed heartbreak and loss with friends finding the strength I question I’d ever be able to find. I am surrounded by some of the strongest people I’ve ever met.

I’ve cried many tears (if you know me personally, this wont be a huge surprise). I am a crier. Listening to the radio on my drive to work can make me cry, YouTube makes me cry. Good news, bad news all just the same. I cry for love, loss, fear, and excitement. This I don’t anticipate changing

The one thing I know after wrapping up 2017 is that perseverance helps to ensure the happiest of outcomes. Without determination, you let your brain prioritize your memories and often forget about the good times, and focus on the bad.

I am hopeful that 2018 will bring more opportunities, most experiences and more excitement for each of you.

Happy New Year friends!


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