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Hiring a Vacation Photographer

Since Dave and I are probably never getting married (slow poke!) I figured, why the hell not hire a photographer in Dublin to capture some memories of us. We have never had photos of the two of done before, hell, I've never had pictures of myself done professionally. It was time.

I started my research.

Having a (an under used) diploma in Photography, I am pretty picky... mind you I'm pretty picky about everything. I guess this one is just more justified than some of the other picky factors. I wasn't sure which city we'd do the photos in, so started looking in all areas of Ireland. I knew a top place for me to look was Flytographer, a website designed for vacation photography sessions. I loved the idea, but when I saw the prices and the number of photos you'd receive, I was a bit apprehensive.

I know it's a great lead generator for photographers, but I am sure that the photographers don't get as much of the money as they would if you book separately. You get the security which is important, but what I decided to do was start a bit of a google search for the photographers on Flytographer to see if I could find more photos. This is where I came across Vanessa. The images I saw made it a no brainer for me. Her work was candid and exactly what I wanted for us. When I reached out, I asked a lot of questions, I felt like I really got to know Vanessa over just two or three emails, and between the photos we had seen, and the info on her favourite locations, and similar shoots in the past really made this a simple choice.

I'm not going to lie, I think our photos are some of her best. (I'm bias though).

We booked our shoot for 8:30 on a Saturday morning. What we didn't expect was the rain to come along with it. Some of my favourite photos I've ever seen are taken in the rain, so the prospect of rain didn't originally scare me, but as the forecast showed rain, and the day quickly approached I started to get nervous. I didn't want to wear a jacket and be hide my cute dress. Frankly, I was worried we'd get soaked.

What actually happened, the streets were empty. It looked like we had closed everything down for us to have our photos taken. It was priceless. Vanessa captured our reflection in a puddle, she brought along an adorable umbrella for us to use, she even gave Dave the chance to make some weird faces.

Four days later we got our photos via email, and I honestly couldn't have been happier. I mean, I could barely stop staring at them.

Dave's dad made a joke when I sent him the link, that he was expecting a proposal. He wasn't the only one to say that, my response, I didn't want to ruin my dress by getting down on one knee, so Dave's going to have to wait for a nicer day :)

In all honesty though, these photographs are the best memory of our trip, and will be a priority for us on any big vacations we take. It's an investment and really makes me so happy looking back on the day with Dave.

If you're ever looking for a photographer in Dublin, I totally recommend Vanessa, you can find her site HERE.

If you're looking for some interesting spots you can take photos, either on your own or with a photographer in Dublin, here are the locations we used:

1. Ha'penny Bridge

Dublin Vacation Photo shoot

2. Temple Bar District

Temple Bar Photo Shoot

3. Dame Lane

Dublin Photo Shoot

There were some other places in Dublin, I thought you may enjoy having photos taken.

  • 1. Dublin Castle

  • 2. St. Stephen's Green

  • 3. Guinness Storehouse

  • 4. Trinity College

I think if we were to do it again, I would have loved to have more photos taken in either Killarney or Kilkenny, but I would never trade the photos we got here in Dublin. They really do a great job of capturing our whole Irish vacation.

Hiring a Vacation Photographer

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