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Hoping for the Best

Well today didn’t go exactly as planned.

This morning was my third ultrasound, and we were hoping to see some progress with those 30+ follicles. It was a slow start to the day, with about a 30 minute wait for bloodwork, and then another 15 ish for ultrasounds. I had the same tech today, she’s newer, and still learning, so she had someone supervising. Everyone’s gotta learn, I’m happy my uterus could be of assistance! I was excited and expecting that a bit of a longer ultrasound meant good things, lots of follicles to count! At least this is what I was hoping. Sadly, not necessarily the case.

I met with the nurse and she walked me through the results. Some of my follicles are growing, most are on the left side, and overall, there’s not many where they expected. I’m currently showing 2 of 15+ on my right side over 1cm, and 5 of 15+ on the left side.

I have yet to speak to the doctor, but I’m expecting an update soon.

This is the first time in the process I’ve been scared. I’m so uncertain on what’s going on, what I can do to make it better, If anything, and if this is going to work out.

it sounds like there are three options, (just me pulling some comments together)

1. Go with the big follicles and hope we get enough.

2. focus on the little follicles and make them grow.

3. Try again next month.

Its possible that 7-8 follicles could be enough, but unfortunately, they don’t all tend to mature/fertilize/grow to blastocyst, which is what you need to transfer them back in.

But for now, we wait and hope that maybe on Sunday we have a few of those little guys pop up and make an appearance. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, love, hugs. It is all appreciated more than you know!

In the mean time, here are some pictures of my follicles that I stole off the screen after my ultrasound

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