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The Kitchen Puzzle

White kitchens have been on trend for a number of years now. I'm not sure that anyone will really be getting sick of them any time soon. Of course there are some new, more colourful ways to update your kitchen, we still see this classic look standing the test of time.

When we started my parents kitchen, we found inspiration in a piece of fabric. You can find the details in my blog post here. My mom was really thinking grey would be the right choice, and I didn't disagree, but when we were looking at colour swatches in our local hardware store, we came across a dark navy that really hit the spot. Without taking too much of a leap and doing a full navy kitchen, we opted for white, complemented with the Navy.

We had this beautiful layout to start. (I don't think there is any lens wide enough to take a good photo of this. I had to take the fridge out of the kitchen and shoot from the door to get these.)

the obvious problem was space. On the right side of the room, there was a small bedroom, on the side where I'm taking the photo, was a wall.

Once we removed these walls, we knew we didn't need the full bedroom for the space, so we split the difference and half went to the Master Bedroom, the other half going to the kitchen.

I've linked the floor plans above so you can see the difference as I'm explaining it. you can see the small kitchen in the before. During: You can see the pink, these are the walls we wanted to remove/move. and after is our plan of action.

Next we got into the design.

Cabinetry: My mom has more of a traditional style, so when picking cabinetry we still went transitional, but with a bit more traditional detailing. Where as I went a bit more simple with my own kitchen.

Here's a close up of the cabinet details. Although we kept with the shaker style, theres just a bit of intricacies to elevate the design and add some additional character.

We kept the cabinetry consistent with both the navy and the white

The navy, is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and the white is Benjamin Moore White Diamond.

When it came to the layout, we were working with some constraints as far as size, but we had the following wish list:

  • Big Island

  • 36" Fridge

  • Dishwasher

  • Farmhouse Sink

  • Gas Stove

  • Built-in Microwave

  • Wine Storage

  • Storage for everything else.

  • Integrated waste

As with every reno, there were compromises. With a bit of a smaller kitchen, the wine fridge was just going to take up too much space, so that was crossed off the list. My mom also only drinks Red wine, so we figured we could get away with a wine rack instead.

The other compromise was the farmhouse sink. As nice as it would have looked, the cost coming in at over $1200 was just a splurge we didn't want to give in to.

Designing a kitchen is a bit like a puzzle. You know exactly what pieces you have, to include, but putting them together is the trickier part.

I recommend starting with what you know has to go in a certain place. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Stove's cannot go in front of the window.

2. Sinks generally do go in front of the window, or in the island. NOTE: The sink in the island often involves a little bit of extra plumbing work, so be prepared for this. If your ceiling is not open in the basement below, you may have some problems with this change.

3. Make sure you have space on either side of the fridge for doors to open. If not, you'll want to add a filler to make room.

4. I like Microwave's a bit lower, either in lower cabinets, or no higher than chest height to prevent having to lift hot liquids too high.

We worked with a cabinet manufacturer to draw up the plans.


Kitchen Floorplan

Here's the wall where the stove is:

Kitchen Drawing

The fridge and pantry:

Kitchen Drawings


Why did we put the fridge and pantry on the same wall?

The pantry and fridge are both deeper than your standard cabinetry, this wall was actually built out to accommodate the added depth so it almost hugs the cabinets. We were also a bit limited on where we could put the fridge, because we wanted to include a 36" wide fridge, it needed a few inches on either side to ensure the doors opened completely, putting it to the left of the window would have prevented the doors from opening completely, anywhere else would have had it right in the middle of the room. Having the extra depth for the pantry also gives more storage, and the slide out drawers make it convenient to access everything.

A few other notes:

My mom likes to entertain so one of the things she wanted was the sink in the island so when it came time to wash dishes and clean up, she was still able to be chatting with her guests.

We added a few glass cabinets to lighten up the space, and it also gives us a few places to showcase some fun wine glasses and other accessories. With in-cabinet lighting, these are really going to be a focal point. These were originally delivered with wood shelves, something that just does not make sense, you want the light to be able to cascade through the cabinet, not to be stopped by each of the shelves.

Kitchen Renovation Progress

What a sneak peek at what it looks like now? Check out my Instagram here.

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