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I'm so Eggcited!

I have been sitting by the phone all day. Volume cranked up. I never have my ringer on. My phone rang and it was my mom, false alarm. I started chatting with her, gave her the quick update on my uterus and all things pain. Which I must say is much much better today. It was a bit rough this morning when I first woke up, (especially when I had to pee). I've been laying on the couch with a heating pad on my belly, and Hallmark Christmas movies on TV.

Of course, as expected, within minutes of me being on the phone with my mom we got our first call from the Embryologists office. It's crazy to think that someone's job is to make babies for couples like us, in a lab. When we met with the doctor a few weeks ago, he explained a few things to us. I'll explain them to you know (You didn't think I'd get right into the results did you?)

Spindleview / Oosight: This is a super fancy (probably super expensive based on the fact that the government doesnt cover it) microscope that helps to better evaluate the overal quality and structure of the egg. It also identifies the spindle and allows the embryologist to more accurately inject the sperm. Otherwise, they're just hoping all eggs are 'normal' and taking a shot in the dark to get the sperm in the right place. What I heard from the doctor was "This will increase your chances of fertilizing the eggs" so I was like "Sign me up doc!"

Next is Embryoscope. The glamorous egg hotel where our little embryos will live for the next 5 days. This is a completely controlled environment that is best for our embryos to grow. They will take a time lapse video over the next 5 days and watch the eggs divide. This will give them a better idea of how they're developing, and if something goes wrong, where/how it went wrong. All I heard with this was there was a 9% increase in pregnancy rate and a 20% better chance of our embryos reaching the blastocyst stage (ultimately what we need them to get to, in order to transfer them back in!).

Why is this important? Well, because IT FREAKING WORKED. Ok, at least the Spindleview. We're just getting started on the Embryoscope now.

How do I know it worked? Well, yesterday I told everyone they retrieved 9 eggs. We had one stubborn egg that was not interested in joining us on this side of my body, but of those 9 that were retrieved, here are our mind blowing results.

9 Eggs

9 Mature (Thank you Ovaries!)

9 Fertilized (Thank you Dave!!)

I am so excited/shocked/elated. I was so excited I could cry! (Okay, I did cry, a bit.)

The thing is, you're told through this whole process there's going to be drop off. You will have some that wont be mature, you will have some that wont get fertilized, and you'll definitely have some that wont make it to blastocyst. We know there's a chance they wont all make it to our Saturday update, and some that wont make it to our Monday update, but holy crap, there are 9 embryos. They gave me a percentage that goes along with Spindleview, I'm not sure exactly what it means, I was too busy in shock, and didn't really understand the explanation, but I was told 81%, which they confirmed is in fact good news! So I'll believe them until I'm able to confirm what exactly it means for me.

Thank you all again for your cheering squad, it's clearly working!

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