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Ireland: Packing List

Travel Essentials

I think everyone thought we were crazy to leave the warmer weather of Toronto to head to Ireland in October. I mean, don't most people want to spend their time off on the beach? Or at least in warm weather? It was time to try something new for vacation, time to explore and keep active, rather than bumming around on a beach and drinking. (Although we are good at that)

In making this decision, it did complicate the packing a little bit. We knew we needed to pack for cooler weather, including mittens and a hat. The good news was, we didn't actually need the mittens, but I think I would have froze a few days without my trusty touque and my rain coat. There were a few other essentials we wanted to ensure we brought.

Umbrellas: We could have bought these in Ireland, but if we were going to spend the money, we wanted to ensure they fit into our luggage so it wasn't a one-time thing.

Clonmacnoise, Ireland

Tripod: It's nearly impossible to take photos of yourselves when you're travelling as a couple. Dave thought I was crazy, he said "We're hiring a photographer, why do you need this?" We used it a few times, but there were many others where I think we could have got the coolest shots if we had used that instead of a rock (my go-to in some spots). I bought this one because it's light weight, compact and it was really affordable on Amazon. We probably would have used it more regularly if my remote was functioning properly.

Camera & Spare Batteries: I'm guilty of taking photos of almost everything. I went through a few batteries while we were away, but I was covered having my Charger and 3 spares that were fully charged before we left!

Playing Cards: With a long flight, this was something a random woman had told me when we were talking over lunch at a conference the week before our vacation. She mentioned her and her son spent their long haul flight playing cards. We made sure to pack these in our carry on!

Electrical Converter: I think most people consider these before the leave for vacations in Europe, but what you may not know, some devices, like hair straighteners and blow dryers don't work on the same power as a basic receptacle. We actually brought two with us. the first is pictured above, has two USB outlets, 2 receptacles and what you cant see, it also has a Micro USB that was perfect to charge Dave's Samsung Galaxy phone.

Power Bar: This was a cool tip I found online before we left. If you bring a power bar form home, you can plug it into your converter and don't have to worry about limited plugs to charge from!

Cash: The coolest thing when we were travelling was that most places we used our credit card, they asked if we wanted to pay with euros or Canadian dollars. This made it easier for us to gauge how much we were spending as we went and almost everywhere took credit cards. There were three things that didn't. Taxi's, if you ordered on the App you were good, in not you had to pay in cash. We were almost late for our Guinness experience because we had to stop at an ATM to take out some money. Secondly, our journey started with a drive from Dublin to Galway, and there were some tolls along the way, if we didn't have cash, I'm not sure what we would have done. You don't need much, but we brought about €100. Third, we took a free tour and wanted to tip the guide, we needed some cash for gratuities!

Comfy Shoes: Give me a break on this one. I worked for a shoe store and bought more than my fair share of shoes in that time. I spent 5 days in Atlanta for work, I brought 7 pairs of shoes with me... I actually dialled this back for our trip to Ireland. I brought 2 pairs of booties, 1 pair of sneakers, and a pair of heels just in case. I lived in the sneakers, but the booties are comfortable for walking, so I did break those out for evenings, and our photo shoot!

HDMI Cable / Adapter for a Laptop: This may sound silly, why would you need to connect your laptop to anything while you're on vacation right? Well, we had a few nights where we were exhausted, went out for dinner, but then went back to the hotels/AirBNB's to relax and rest up. We'd grab a few beers from the local store and play some cards and watch some Netflix before crashing for the night.

I'd love to know what essentials you bring with you when you travel! Let me know in the comments below!


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