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It's Transfer Week!

Oh My Gosh.

I can't believe we've made it this far.

Not only have a screwed up my medications twice. I forgot to take some this morning and had to have Dave drive it to my work. The plus side of that, he dropped off my lunch which I also forgot. Maybe the baby brain is kicking in already? Or I'm just forgetful and losing my mind. I've signed up for bloodwork so many times when I didn't need it, I’m probably just going crazy, or the progesterone shots are causing me to lose it.

Today's appointment was designed to be a quick one. In for bloodwork and a quick ultrasound, I didn’t have to see the nurse, but do you think I was going to wait around til 3:00 for a phone call? Hell-to-the-no. Bloodwork was quick despite a full waiting room. A few re-ties of the rubber band to stop the blood flow, and a few slaps on my arm brought the veins to the surface. Based on the bruise, I think she went through the vein and pulled the needle back to get the flow.

It was only a short wait for the ultrasound following that. Not my favourite ultrasound, some of them really feel like someone is poking a stick in a shallow hole trying to dig. The woman who did the ultrasound must have felt warm, because my knee, which was nestled nicely into her sweaty armpit came out feeling damp and sticky.

I took a peek over her shoulder as she was writing down my results, 9mm. This was the thickness of my lining. The other day, if you saw my post on Instagram, my lining was 11.5mm. I knew today’s test was to confirm the lining compacted, but was this too much?! Research from Fertility and Sterility states there is an increase in ongoing pregnancy rates when the endometrial lining reduces by 5-20% from the estrogen stage to starting progesterone.

I was relieved when the nurse came out and called my name. She was smiling and said “it’s good news!” Once we got to the consultation room she told me that everything looks perfect, the lining compacted just as they wanted it to. She was so confident she said she wasn’t even going to call me today to confirm what the doctor’s orders were, she knew we’d be good to transfer Wednesday!

She hasn’t called to tell me otherwise, so we are moving ahead!

I asked her to re-draw my butt circles, so I’ve got some fresh new artwork on my ass and we started chatting about how these needles are way less awful than I expected them to be. She explained why! (First point I brought up is that the internet is awful) She mentioned the compound the clinic uses is a ethyl oleate, the oil is a bit different than other clinics. Many others use sesame oil or castor oil, which has a thicker consistency, and as a result, requires a bigger needle gauge. What a relief. Another reason to love the clinic!

So here I am, loaded up on progesterone, estrogen and alcohol free, for almost a week. (That’s an accomplishment for me!) with less than 48 hours until I’m pregnant until proven otherwise! This time on Wednesday we’ll be transferring one of our little embryos! I will be pregnant, and I will be staying pregnant, that’s what I keep telling myself! The countdown is on!

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