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It’s Egg Retrieval Day!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

IVF Prep

7:30 AM:

The day has finally come. I'm sitting in the waiting room writing this, thinking about how I can’t believe today is here. For the longest time I didn’t think we’d need to go down this route, that we wouldn’t ever get here, because it just didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t.

We got to the clinic a bit early, waiting now for my turn To be called into the secret hallway that I’ve never gone down before. I’m already hungry, and thirsty, the only two things I’m not allowed to do.

The procedure will happen at 9:00 AM, 35 hours post trigger shot.

8:30 AM: I’m all IV’d up! The cap and gowns, one forward, one backwards, are a good look for me. I’m happy I brought my phone with me, they have Dave locked out temporarily, they sent him off to do his job as they did my pre-op, checked my vitals and had me get all dressed up. I heard them go out to the waiting room and all his name, as another nurse prepped the girl beside me. Dave came in and begrudgingly took a photo of me all decked out in my gear. I asked him to pose for a selfie with me, and the conversation went a little like this: Taryn: "Dave, pose for a selfie with me"

Dave: "No"

T: "What if I die?"

D: "What if you don't?"

T: "What if I do?"

D: "what if *I* do?"

T: "Oh well, at least they have your sample now"

The doctor came in a few minutes later introduced himself and cracked a joke when asking me, "Is he supposed to be here?" I liked it, and clearly replied with another smart-ass crack "Well, I needed him for one thing, but that's already taken care of!". He explained the process, that 10 minutes would be prep, 10 minutes for the egg retrieval and 10 minutes for clean up. What he didn't realize was that I was about to complicate his timeline a little bit.

He turned to Dave and gave him his instructions. He was to come in, sit by my head and be a second form of anesthetic. If he got sick, he was to put his head between his knees, and they'd get him out of the room quickly. He wouldn't be the first man to pass out in the procedure room, and certainly wouldn't be the last. "I have no faith in our gender" the doctor said. It was a good wait to lighten the mood.

With the IV feeling good, I made my way into the procedure room, re-positioned on the table a few times. The doctor explained who was in the room, I only remember Maxine, she was my drug pusher. (that's what he called her, not me). She mixed me a bit of a cocktail and put it in in two parts. Immediately I started feeling it, just a bit, Dave asked how I was feeling, if It was making me feel high. I said the ceiling tiles are starting to move. So he took that as a pretty clear yes.

Before the drugs went in, I did get my selfie! Dave's out of focus, but I love it.

Since I started feeling okay, they started the procedure. It began with some freezing in the nether region, which I could feel, but very quickly, and then they went on what Dave's brother affectionately named "The Easter Egg Hunt". I immediately felt pressure on my right side as they ventured into my right ovary. The pressure quickly escalated to pain. I could see the ultrasound screen where they were going into the follicles for the eggs, but what was worse was I could feel the needle piercing the follicle. They tried to continue. My body went wild. My pulse accelerated. I heard the doctor say "This shouldn't be hurting this much" and three of them started to hold my body down so I didn't injure myself with a massive needle inside my body. I remember hearing "We got your first egg, you're doing great"

Next came the nitrous gas.

It took a few minutes for me to calm down, and Dave kept the mask firmly on my face. I remember crying and hyperventilating. Wincing in pain. Something wasn't right. The gas slowly started working, pushing Dave to slot three as my anesthetic.

Once the gas did it's thing, they quickly tackled my left ovary before moving back to the right. and finally I felt nothing. I could hear everything, but I couldn't open my eyes, and I remember nothing. As they started getting toward my last egg, I was regaining my consciousness. I'm guessing my drug pusher was trying to bring me down, with oxygen, because I pushed the mask off my face and she guided Dave's had back, so I would "get a bit more oxygen" into me.

Because the pain came back once the gas disappeared we didn't end up making it to the last egg. Apparently every time the doctor got close, my dick of a right ovary would be like "Can't touch this" a la MC Hammer. So I looked up the lyrics and I believe this perfectly describes my right ovary:

"Yo I told you u can't touch this Why you standing there man u can't touch this" - MC Hammer

The team called it. Cut their losses and told me the news. We had 9 eggs, (4 from the right and 5 from the left) a lot of sensitivity, and a higher risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) than they originally thought. So this is where I got the worst news of the day. Despite the initial plan for us to move forward with a Fresh Embryo Transfer (FET) on Monday, the Doctor has shut me down, and officially told the lab to freeze all of my embryos that make it to Day 5.

We made our way home and I lived by the superstitions I read online, that I had to eat McDonald's french fries to get as much sodium as I could, to try and prevent OHSS.

I napped for a few hours and I've now taken another dose of extra strength Tylenol to ease some of the soreness. I'm back onto injections of Orgalutran and Letrozole pills to bring my hormone levels down and ease me out of the hormone craziness that I'm in right now.

Tomorrow we'll get a call to figure out how many eggs were mature and how many get fertilized.

I wish today was a little less painful, but overall we're in a good position now. I had hoped we'd get another 2 - 3 eggs out of these super enlarged ovaries of mine, but I'm super grateful for what we do have.

Thank you all for cheering us on, I don't think I'd have made it through today without all of your love and support. Thank you to Dave for sitting by my side not taking his hand off my shoulder while I was freaking out. I couldn't have chosen a better person to go through this process with.

Plus, look at his sexy gown!

Taryn & Dave

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