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thirtieth birthday party

Everyone seems to be bothered by birthdays.

It's always tough for me, being a December baby, when it comes to trying to get all of my friends together to celebrate. One friend and I actually joked this weekend that next year, we're going to celebrate our birthdays in the summer when no one has "Christmas" as the excuse. One thing i ask of everyone, show your friends born in December a bit of extra love around their birthdays, they've got it tough!

This year, I'm excited.

It’s a milestone birthday for me; today I’m 30 years old. Dave threw me a party to celebrate a few weeks ago, and he completely surprised me. I had no idea what was going on. With so many distractions lately, being sick and focusing on getting better, searching for a new job, wrapping up my contract and then starting a new job, I was completely oblivious. I really want to thank my friends for being here for the party and celebrating thirty years with me.

I think the great thing about this year is that I finally feel like I’m getting my shit together. Sure, I’ve got a few things to work on, but this week especially, I’ve felt so strong, positive and HAPPY.

Today, I’m reflecting on what 30 years have taught me:

Life lesson number 1:

In the past year, I’ve started to put myself first. I’ve started looking at what I want, and what I need to be happy. If there’s one thing this has taught me, its that the more you stop planning your life around the opinions of others, the more possibility you have to be happy. As you start to re-prioritize your life, and put your own best interest ahead of what society, or the people around you say you need to, the happier you’ll be. The best part about this, everyone else will come around, and they will be OK with your decision.

Life lesson number 2:

When it comes to work, you have to look out for your best interest. In the past 5 years, I’ve lost two jobs. In both situations, it wasn’t about my performance; there were business needs that resulted in my job not existing. It’s hard not to take these personally, but ultimately for me, these were some of the best things to have happened to me. Last year, I took a leap and left a job I loved for an unknown opportunity. I learned more than I could have ever imagined, but I felt something was missing. I made a decision to return to the job I loved prior, because that was what was right for me. I was worried about disappointing people, but back to life lesson one, everyone supported my decision in the end.

Life lesson number 3:

Never let someone tell you can’t do something. You can learn how to do anything, if you want to learn how to do it. I’ve always been motivated by the fact that people didn’t believe in my ability. I can change a tire. I can build. I can bake. I am open to challenges, however they are thrown at me. I don’t this to prove other people wrong (as fun as that can be) but I do this to prove it to myself.


Sometimes, its okay, (and expected) to be a little selfish and focus on what's good for you. It's more than okay to empower yourself and prioritize yourself over everything else, you always should. If something doesn't match with your vision of where you want to be, it's not worth doing.

Each of these lessons has taught me more and more about who I am and what I want to do with my life. As I step into my 30s, I even have a bit of an idea how I want to do it. Thirty is going to involve some self prioritization.I have a clear idea of where I see my future going, and can’t wait to what happens in the future. It’s not birthdays that we should fear, it’s the time we birthdays aren’t something you should fear. You should be celebrating your accomplishments and how far you’ve come in the time since your last.

Or maybe its just my subconscious tricking me into turning this milestone birthday into something bigger than it is!

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