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On the eve of our retrieval...

I‘m sitting here thinking about the emotions of the last week. The impatient days of waiting for the cycle to start, the raging hormones of the first few days of stimulations, crying a few tears when I worried this cycle wouldn’t go through. It’s hard to believe yesterday‘s growth spurt had us sitting in a favourable position.

Around 3:00 yesterday I got the go ahead. We were going to trigger ovulation. Doing this helps give the eggs the last push they need to get nice a big, healthy and mature so they’re ready to retrieve. The trigger has to be done at exactly 10:00pm, which for the record is way past my bedtime. It’s planned strategically so the doctors are able to go in and retrieve all the eggs before I actually ovulate. You ovulate roughly 36 hours after the trigger, and my retrieval is planned 35 hours after, or 1 hour before ovulation.

Whats important to know, even with 12+ follicles in close range to where we want them, it doesn’t guarantee we’ll have eggs. It doesn’t guarantee they'll be fertilized and it definitely doesn’t guarantee I’ll get pregnant. This is probably the hardest part of the process. We could still walk away with nothing.

The trigger is two different needles, both fortunately in the belly. I’ll take that over butt needles any day! The first is HCG, a pregnancy hormone, and the second is Suprefact, which has been tested to improve the eggs ability to mature to the final stage, which is called “Blastocyst”. This is what we’re working towards, every thing we’ve invested in, spindleview and embryoscope, especially combined with this second trigger will help us get the eggs mature and give them a better chance of hitting the 5th day of incubation, and maturing into a blastocyst.

More on that tomorrow though!

in the mean time, I’m going to try to get some rest, we have a nice early morning wake up time, as we’re off to the clinic for 8:00am to start the pre-retrieval bits and pieces. By 9:00 we should be prepped and in the room.

Cant wait to share the outcome tomorrow. Thanks for continually cheering us on! These little eggies are working hard to grow to come out and meet you all!

and for fun, heres a picture from last nights trigger shots!


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