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Our Irish Itinerary

Our Irish Road trip is quickly approaching. Okay... maybe not that quick, but with only 53 days until we hop on a plane, I have been crazily planning our adventure.

I wish we had a few extra days to really hit more and more of the country, because right now I'm struggling to cram it all into the few days that we do have. Here's our plan for our 9 day Itinerary. (+ 2 travel days) I'm going to break each of our days down to show the daily itinerary, so stay tuned for that!

Day 1: Land in Dublin and Drive to Galway

We fly in overnight so we'll land at around 11:30 AM on the Saturday morning.

Why Galway? I've heard so many wonderful things about the city. It's a younger city with a vibrant nightlife, it's got so much history.

Day 3: Drive from Galway to Tralee

We have a number of pitstops planned along the way from the picturesque village of Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher, there's so much to see and do in between.

Why is this on our list? Do I even have to explain this one? If so, do yourself a favour and google "Cliffs of Moher" and then we'll talk!

Day 4: Dingle Peninsula to Killarney

Staying in Tralee wasn't in our original plan, but it cuts down about an hour and a half of driving for us over two days, rather than staying in Killarney for two nights. Plus I found the most beautiful hotel in Tralee that made it an easy decision for me.

Why Dingle? I've read so many debates between the Dingle Peninsula and Ring of Kerry. Dingle looks even more incredible to us, and there are so many great little stops along the way. It's a bit of a shorter trek, and we're low on time, plus a bit quieter.

Why Killarney? Killarney just fit perfectly into our plan. There's so much to see around Killarney City and it's a great stop between Dingle and Cork.

Day 5: Killarney to Cork (With a stop in Cobh)

Here's where we'll finish up some sign seeing in Killarney then head to kiss the Blarney stone. Dave's 100% against the idea of putting his lips on something that so many hundreds of thousands of people have kissed, but I say, when in... Cork!

Why Cork?

I didn't feel like a trip to Ireland was complete without a pit stop at the Blarney Castle. The more I dug into the sights around Cork, and found Cobh (Pronounced Cove) Which has a really cool titanic experience.

I'm still trying to find a way to work Kinsale into the itinerary. We'll see what we can do! I really wish I had one more day.

Day 6: Kilkenny

We're making a few stops on our way in Tipperary County. Dave's got family that originated in the area, so it's really exciting to be able to make a small pit stop!

Why Kilkenny? Kilkenny was formerly the capital of Ireland (for a short period) it's a very medieval town. It's also the home of Smithwick's Brewery (we're beer drinkers! :P)

Day 7: Dublin (via Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains)

Here we have another packed day, but there are a number of stops from Kilkenny to Dublin that we couldn't resist. We'll drive through the Wicklow mountains, enjoy the view and leisurely make our way to Dublin where we'll drop off our car and spend our last three nights!

If you want to explore the map, I've saved it here for everyone to browse! Everything in purple will be our overnight locations!

Have you ever been to Ireland? Are there any spots you feel like we're missing?

The perfect 10 day road trip itinerary through Ireland

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