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Re-purposing Existing Furniture

it's always tempting to buy new furniture. Something new to fill the space, that fits perfectly. I'm guilty of it. I have bought so many thing for those 'what if' situations. Coffee tables that we never used in our living room because it just wasn't big enough. They now sit in a spare room, way larger than they should be in there also. We've taken a lot of free furniture from my parents, none of which we use regularly/often enough to justify actually having it take up space in our house. We'll now be paying to dispose of it, as we get started on our basement renovation.

I always try to plan ahead in our renovations. Whether it's the fireplace we're building in our living room, to how our kitchen was going to look (from the minute we walked in). Generally I can visualize it. My biggest issue tends to be that I'm an impulsive shopper. OR I buy things that don't necessarily have a long term place with us. It's not to say these items aren't perfect for the time being, but I don't ever sell/re-home them. It's something I need to get better at. Back to the 'What-ifs'. "What if I need this in our next house? What if we re-arrange our furniture" "What if we want to rent out the basement furnished?" I can write any story, provide any excuse to justify the purchase, but trying to acknowledge that I need to sell a piece is a different story. I just find all the reasons to keep it.

When we started preparing for our fireplace, i was thinking through the bookcase and the TV stand that we had. Neither are fancy pieces, but they're nice looking wood veneer. We have so little storage in the house, I worried how much storage we'd lose if we ended up getting rid of these. I started thinking about how or where we could use these. could we use the bookcase in a nursery if we ever make it down that route? Could we find space in a spare room? (note, these are currently filled with junk!)

Then it came to me. I was going to stack them on top of each other and turn it into more of a 'hutch' with lots of storage! I know an option like this isn't for everyone, but have you ever thought about it? It worked surprisingly well.

We've recently added IKEA bookcases into our bedroom, with doors on it, for clothing storage. We had a few glass doors which were perfect for the books we had on the shelf originally, and we decided to turn this more into a 'bar'. We've still got it accented by some of our prettier books and keepsakes for the time being, but It has become a good mix for us.

There are so many other ways you can add some life to existing furniture. Everything from Chalk paint, to re-staining. I think it may be time for me to share a few before and afters on here! What have you done to make the furniture in your house work with your current layout?

Are there any tutorials you'd like to see?


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