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Reflection: A Year After Bell's Palsy

365 days ago, September 4, 2017 (it was actually labour day) I woke up unable to move half of my face. We had been to a wedding the night before, and I remember smiling for a photo, and only half of my face would cooperate.

After a quick email with my doctor, I spend my day in the ER. with the right side of my face impaired, the doctors tested me to ensure I hadn’t had a stroke, then asked me to fill my cheeks with air. This simple task, proved to be difficult for me, and very entertaining for Dave, as the air poured out making a funny noise.

It was here where the doctor confirmed my family doctors assumption, I had Bell’s Palsy.

With a nerve in my brain swollen, I felt like I had been at the dentist and had my face frozen. It felt bruised and sore. My brain felt foggy; I was dizzy, and framing up a simple sentence was difficult.

A week later I stood in my friends wedding, ugly face and all. I spent months afraid to have my photo taken. As much as I don’t feel like I’m 100% a year later, I’m confident enough to have a photo taken and I’ve started to embrace my new lopsided smile.

If you think I may be over exaggerating, swipe to see the impact, my swollen, limp face on two of the “good days”.

I’m relieved the worst is over, but if I’ve learned one thing, I need to manage my stress or I see this pest return and challenge my right eye’s functionality.

thanks for all of the support, and all the people who have told me I'm beautiful, and all of the people who showed me some love along the way.

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