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Shifting Focus:  From Runway to Renovation

I gave up my tool belt when I left my role in Home Improvement to take on a one-year stint in fashion and footwear. I expected to be thrown way out of my comfort zone, but what I didn’t expect was my background to help me as much as it did. It’s actually strengthened my ability to talk home décor.

I understand trends, I appreciate how they evolve, but I didn’t really think about how much these runway trends actually impact the home improvement and interior design industry. Because of Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) in the Devil Wears Prada, I knew the trends went from high-fashion to mass retail fashion, but this extends further.

Miranda Priestly explains this better than anyone else can.

It took me about six months before I saw the real similarities. I was shopping for fabric for my parent’s living room when it dawned on me. The fabric we were looking at was floral, with oversized blush-coloured peony blooms, strung on beautiful green vines and combined with two-toned blue bonsai trees.

At the same time, I was developing marketing campaigns for “Heel Interest”, boots, booties and heels with extensive details of metallic, glitter, embellishments, embroidery and more. It was the embroidery that caught my eye. With large florals embroidered onto the heels of black boots.

Once I made this initial connection, something I feel I knew deep down, and had a chance to drive deeper into these trends, I felt closer to my job and more confident in my abilities.

I’ve decided to create a series that breaks down some of these runway trends, and how they will roll into interior design.

What is the weirdest runway trend you’ve ever seen? Let me know if the comments below. I’m willing to bet, it’s been integrated into some sort of crazy interior design trend. Here are some I've found.

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