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The Final Count

It's hard to believe I got the news 5 days ago, we got the final update on our embryos. It was a bittersweet call. Partly because Monday was our Day 5 update, typically this is where our embryo's are expected to be 'full size' or 'Blastocyst'. Two days prior we had heard the news that all 9 were still growing strong, but Monday was a bit of a different story, it would have been our transfer day, had I not been at such high risk of hyper stimulating, but then hearing that only two of our embryos had made it to Blastocyst was terrifying, but also exciting, because after all we had two blastocysts now in the freezer.

There was a silver lining. We had a chance with the other 7 embryos, they were still growing strong, just not quite as quickly as we had hoped. 1 was a low-cell blastocyst, 6 were not quite there. Maybe all they need was another day, one more chance to reach their peak and hopefully make it to blastocyst. I was pretty grateful that most of the days we were waiting for calls were weekends or holidays, because they came through early in the day, usually before noon. Tuesday was the longest, hardest day for me. I was impatiently waiting, anxious and worried to do anything, put my phone down or walk away from it, because of the fear I would miss the call the minute I blinked.

The time passed slowly.

Finally, we got to 2:00, and I kept telling myself, the longer they wait, the better our chances are, I knew they'd turn off the incubators and stop watching our eggs once they hit a certain time, and the phone call would be that time. It wasn't much longer of a wait. The phone rang and the nurse gave me the news. Fortunately two more of our little embryos fought through the night and grew to blastocyst!

We had 4 embryos frozen!

To say we were excited would be an understatement. The excitement was coupled with relief that we have a few extra chances for babies. We had made so many jokes about having 9 embryos, and I joked to Dave "How could we just stop, if we knew we had more frozen?!", his dad suggested we could have a full baseball team, and his mom said she'd get knitting sweaters for all 9. Could you imagine? 9 babies, I don't think even after a struggle this long, I could handle birthing, raising, financing or cleaning up after 9 kids. I'd need my own reality show to cover the costs. We don't have to worry about that now though!

Now just a few more weeks to wait before one of these little guys/gals can find their way back to me. I'm so eager to get the next part of this process started.

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