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The First Appointment - IVF

Well, so we begin!

Yesterday we had our first appointment, it was very straight forward a quick visit for blood work and a meeting with the nurse. I was so excited to just get things moving. After the vial of blood, we sat down and had a breakdown of the protocol.

Our clinic uses birth control to bring all of the follicles back to square one, so they can grow them all together at the same speed, especially since they're hoping to grow so many of them! The birth control also helps them control timing so they don't have too many people procedures planned for the same day. I could be on it for 7 - 14 days, (Fingers crossed for 7!) We have to wait for the scheduling person to email this week, and that should confirm rough timelines for us.Right now it's looking like one of the last two weekends of the month we'll be going in for the egg retrieval. Fingers crossed everything progresses as necessary.

It's surreal. after a year and a half, it's so crazy that this is finally happening. Bring on the hormones! Let's make some embryos!

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