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The First Four Days.

Alright, here we are after four days of meds. I’ve been psyching myself up for how the needles would hurt, but haven’t thought about the other side effects and those are the worst part.

Sunday, I have a migraine so bad my eyes were pulsing, I thought I was going to be sick. It could have been something else, but I’ll chalk it up to this. Today, everything has been driving me crazy. I can’t get anything right, everyone else is doing everything in their power to drive me nuts... I think it’s safe to say irritability is a side effect I have of the hormones. (Sadly, not listed on the side effects I saw online! Ha)

I went today for my first follow up since starting the Gonal-F, which is designed to stimulate follicles. I still have 15+ on each side, and I've currently got a trio of leaders. (Anything over 1cm is leading the pack right now.)

Left ovary:


1 cm

and a close third at .8 cm

Right Ovary:

1.15 cm

and its partner in crime coming in at .9 cm

what does this mean? Well it sounds like good news. The nurse said they want them to grow slow, and they’re more focused on quality over quantity, but were still very early In the game, and expecting more to grow. They want them closer to 1.8cm before they trigger ovulation (which will be interrupted by my egg retrieval!)

it’s crazy to think that in the past four days they’ve grown this much already, the leaders were only at .6 cm on Thursday!

i have today and tomorrow on just one needle, of just Follicle Stimulating Hormone (Gonal-F), and then we will add in two more meds, one in the morning: Orgalutran, which is used to prevent ovulation, and Luveris, which is used to help mature my little wee follicles in order to get them good and healthy for the retrieval! Luveris is a bit of a weird one, I have two vials of white powder and I mix with one vial of sterile water and inject into my belly. All of the hormones so far are sub cutaneous, which means small needles, very little pain and just go under the skin.

I figured I’d start a running tally of my meds for anyone who’s curious on costs:

Thursday: $682

2 x 300iu Gonal-F Pens

Tuesday: $1,342

2 x 300iu Gonal-F Pens

6 x 75iu Luveris

4 x 250 mcg Orgalutran

back on Friday for round number three of ultrasounds and bloodwork. Hopefully we’ll be well on our way! I am expecting to spend my mornings from Friday on at the clinic, hopefully we’re on track for the retrieval to happen on Wednesday still!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! Mostly that I can make it out of this week without losing my cool in public! Off to acupuncture I go, for my first of two treatments this week! and hopefully we can sneak one more in next week before the retrieval.

Any questions thus far? Im happy to try to find answers!

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