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Week 5 Update:

As I sit here, looking at one of the 4 or 5 pregnancy apps I’ve downloaded onto my iPhone, telling me I’m 5 weeks, 6 days pregnant. Our baby is the size of an Orange Seed, Apple Seed, a Fly, or the letter beads from the 90s. The teenie tiny thing has grown from a poppy seed last week.

In my short time pregnant, I’ve learned that every pregnancy is different (Shout out to the friends who are going through this at the same time!) and every week brings a new set of challenges. Last week, the challenge was waiting for the beta to double. This weeks, well it’s a bit bigger than that.

Challenge #1: Allergies!

As I’ve told everyone in the past, I started butt needles just under a month ago. The needles were progesterone, which helps sustain a pregnancy. Surprisingly being stabbed in the ass once a day wasn’t the worst part… the worst part came the other day when I suddenly started developing hives slightly below the injection site. Surprise! Queue the onslaught of emails to the doctors office to get ideas on what I should be doing. I’ve been low in progesterone naturally, so these injections, plus a gel that gets inserted vaginally have helped sustain this pregnancy thus far, but with the doctor instructing me to stop injections, we’re now down to just the gel, and hoping it’s enough. My questions didn’t end after the instructions, of course I wonder if there’s enough, fortunately I’ve been reassured, I’m covered. In the mean time, I’m hoping the itchy butt/hips disappears soon!

Challenge #2: Cramps!

Who would have thought that cramps would start and continue (for weeks, maybe longer). They’re fortunately very mild and come in waves. All very manageable, but unnerving as someone who’s never made it to this stage.

Challenge #3: Waiting!

Next Thursday cannot come soon enough. I’ve got 8 more days to wait before we get another update from the doctor. We’re in then for another date with Wanda, this is our 6 week ultrasound and our first obstetrics appointment with our doctor. What we’re expecting to see includes the gestational and sac yolk sac, our baby and most importantly it’s little heart beat! It will be exciting to see everything on the screen.

Challenge 4: Food!

I don’t really like food. The weirdest part about this whole process is how much I don’t want to eat meat. I’m historically a meat eater and now I don’t want to eat any meat that looks like meat. If it doesn’t, and comes in the format of chicken fingers, I’m OK, but bone in, bone out, meaty-meat, I’m not interested. Man do I ever love carbs though! And I must admit, veggies are tasting pretty OK too. Last week Dave was grilling up some chicken breast and I immediately said “Nope, I’ll have a grilled cheese”. On Sunday I was asked to carve the turkey and I said “if I have to, but if I carve it, I wont eat it”. And Last night, was a roast. I turned to him said “Don’t mind me, I’m going to kill this a little more” and pan fried it close to well done, just to eat only 4-5 bites, and share a bit with Frank, who was very appreciative.

Challenge 5: Staying Awake!

I’ve been known to fall asleep mid-party, to go to bed well before midnight on a weekend, and even need a nap after a late night out, but what I didn’t realize was that 10 hours of sleep at night doesn’t seem to be enough to keep me going. Weekdays it’s been hard. I haven’t been able to squeeze in the naps I feel like I need, but I make up for that on weekends averaging 12 hours of sleep between my 10 hours at night and 2 hours in the afternoon… If anyone’s looking for me, you now know where to find me!

Every single person has different obstacles to overcome in a pregnancy, different symptoms, side effects etc. I’d say I’m getting off pretty easy so far, I don’t want to say I’ve earned it after this long and treacherous of a process, but I will say I enjoy it. Although it can be hard to believe I’m actually pregnant when I’m relatively normal outside of these few things.

What symptoms of pregnancy did you recognize first?

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