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What a difference a few days can make.

It was another early morning for me. Up at 5:30am to try to make it to the clinic for 7:00, in hopes I could race in and be one of the first on the list. Sadly, traffic had other things in mind. I made it in at 7:10, and was probably the 20th woman in there, in addition to about 10 men. As I waited for my blood work to be done, the waiting room continued to fill, with more seats occupied each time the elevator door opened. I had a realization about how infertility doesn’t discriminate. With this many people in the room, we had women of all shapes and sizes, every ethnicity, and a range of ages from early twenties to mid forties. It’s both comforting and terrifying to know we’re not alone.

Blood work took a bit longer than normal, my poor veins are exhausted from a blood draws three times in four days. My phlebotomist was the same today as yesterday, He grabbed a smaller needle and started pushing around to find my veins. He put the needle in and had to wiggle it around a bit to hit the vein, fortunately it didn’t hurt, but I’m expecting a lovely little bruise when I get the courage to take off the cotton ball and tape.

Back to the waiting room, I was casually browsing on my phone while waiting for ultrasounds, and onto the overhead speakers, came Lady Marmalde… the irony is priceless. “voulez-vous couches avec moi”, when that’s exactly what brings all of us ladies together. Lack of success in the bedroom.

Just me? Sometimes I like to stretch things.

Off to the ultrasound room I go, and the woman was one of my favourites, which is good because apparently I was a bit bloated today and my follicles were harder to see. With some team work, I was pushing on my abdomen and holding in deep breaths as she tries to get a good look. After about 15 minutes, half of which I was holding my breath, we successfully got all of the pictures we’re looking for.

Because the nerd in me needed to compare sizes, I built a little chart of their growth.

I asked some more questions today, and it sounds like the ideal for our clinic is between 1.8 and 2.2 cm, but they will take everything out and inspect them for maturity, and try to fertilize them. There’s an expectation that the little guys will grow another .2 - .4 cm in the next day or two, especially with the two trigger shots I have to try and drive a bit of extra growth.

So what’s next?

We’re waiting for blood work to come through and we’ll go one of two routes.

Option 1: Trigger tonight and Egg retrieval on Wednesday

Option 2: Stimulate for one more month to try and grow those little guys, and trigger on Tuesday, retrieval on Thursday.

Hopefully if we will get between 10 and 12 follicles, then, with maturity issues, fertilization issues or growth issues. I’m hopefully we’ll still get 5-6 embryos we use and freeze, in the event that they don’t take or we want more kids down the line.

We'll know by 3:00 today exactly what the plan is. If we have to trigger tonight, it will be at a very specific time, and timed a certain number of hours before my egg retrieval. The egg retrieval will have to happen precisely 36 hours after the shots. I'm roughly 25 needles into this process, tons of bruises, 5 blood tests, 5 ultrasounds and about $2,700 in medications and $260 in Acupuncture, hopefully we're coming close to the end!

I’m starting to feel more hopeful again. I know we’ve still got a long road ahead of us, but based on this timeline, by Monday or Tuesday we could be able to transfer our first embryo!

My ovaries are definitely feeling the love and hearing the cheering from each and every one of you! Please keep it up for another few days, so we can get these numbers up even more!

We love you all!

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