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What they call me...

Some call me crazy, I prefer determined.

Some call me chaotic, I prefer multi tasker.

Some call me obsessed, I prefer passionate.

Some call me boring, I prefer focused.

Some call me fat, and I prefer eliminating them from my life.

I’m not perfect, but all in, I’m pretty damn happy with who I am, and how I got where I did. Everything else is just an opportunity, and I get to pick what’s important.

I am so ready to kick 2018’s ass and write my own story and to change the way I speak about myself, and other people. Only my opinion matters. (Unless I like yours, then it counts too!)

This picture from my friend Jen's wedding cracks me up every single time I look at it. I think it reflects me, my determination, my passion and my persistence.

How are you going to kick 2018’s ass?

#resolutions #authenticity #goals

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